18 Week Gender Reveal Scan – Window To The Womb

I’ve always needed to be organised, so I booked a 18 week (17+6) gender reveal scan so that I can get a head start preparing for baby. Today I wanted to share my experiences with you and really just give a review of the place where we decided to go which was Window To The Womb (Darlington studio).

Once I found out I was pregnant I was so excited to see our little baby on the ultrasounds and see how s/he was growing throughout the pregnancy and after having a few scares at the beginning of the pregnancy, another scan was just a way to settle my anxiety.

After some research, mainly finding the closest studio to where I live (there wasn’t many!) I liked the look of Window To The Womb. We went for the Β£55 package which is HERE. This package includes:

    – Basic wellbeing scan & report
    – 99%+ accurate gender confirmation (optional)
    – FREE Peek in 4D
    – Four medium full colour photo prints
    – Digital copies of all scan images
    – FREE rescan guarantee

Window To The Womb also had an offer on in January for 20% off all scans booked in January so the scan price was Β£44, We did end up buying an add-on which was a USB key for Β£10 including a movie of the scan and all the digital copies on one USB and I can’t recommend it enough, having that movie of the scan is something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life, it’s such an amazing thing to look back on.

They do also offer other additional items such as heartbeat bears, key rings and frames. We did consider a heartbeat bear but we figured a heartbeat bear would be good if this was our second child as we could’ve given our first child the heartbeat bear to help explain that there is a baby in mummies tummy and thats his/her heartbeat, but they are such a sweet idea.

So 18th February rolls around, I didn’t really sleep much the night before as I was so so excited to meet him/her! I jumped out of bed like a little kid on Christmas and headed to the train station. We had to get one train, have a stop over for half an hour and then continue on our journey to Darlington, all in all it was about 1hr 30 minutes there including the stop over, not too bad.

We arrived in Darlington a little earlier than we needed so as recommended by Window To The Womb, I bought a fizzy drink (Fanta fruit twist, of course) and had a slow walk around Darlington, as having a walk is suggested also if you’ve travelled over 30 minutes.

Once we entered the building I was so excited (and desperate for a wee!) they were delayed by 30 minutes but I later found out it was due to some little monkeys that wouldn’t cooperate with the sonographer and had kept their legs crossed! So they ended up getting a rescan to find out the gender which I think is brilliant that they offer the free rescan as if you went to a hospital scan they’d just say ‘Nope, can’t see the gender sorry’ and that would be that.

But moving on, I finally got called in and let’s just say.. I could tell what our baby was before she focused on their little private parts properly! (I’ve done a lot of research into nub shots and gender scans as I’ve heard some not being totally accurate).

And I’m happy to say….


I burst out crying when I found out (happy tears!) and as soon as she flicked the 3D on.. I was instantly in love, the detail at almost 18 weeks was insane, that’s one reason I’ll continue to treasure the movie as getting to see him in 3D was so much more… real than seeing an ordinary ultrasound.

We couldn’t be more thrilled, the full experience was such a beautiful life changing experience it’s hard to put into words how much love I felt in that moment, I can’t even begin to think how I’ll feel once I see him properly for the first time. I’d definitely recommend getting a 3D/4D scan at some point in your pregnancy as it’s such an amazing experience.

We have already picked out our little boys name but I won’t be revealing it until after my baby shower as I have some friends that read the blog (Hi!) and I don’t want to spoil it as I will be revealing it at the baby shower. So look out for that post! I will probably do a post about my baby shower too and share some ideas if you are thinking of having one of your own.

I would definitely recommend Window To The Womb and if we ever choose to have any more children I will be going back to the Darlington studio. I’m still tempted to book a 4D scan when he’s a little more grown and filled out!

Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored, I just really couldn’t recommend them enough!

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