Sample Spotlight | Clarins Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Being a beauty blogger, I have a lot of samples – mainly from when I used to subscribe to Birchbox, and I thought while I’m using them up I’m going to start doing reviews on the products I’m testing out and whether I would purchase them in a full size or not.

This week I’m reviewing the Clarins Gentle Eye Make-up Remover which retails for Β£19.00 at Boots.

I wear a lot of eyeliner so having a make-up remover that is efficient but also gentle on my eyes as there’s nothing worse than having a make-up remover sting your eyes causing you to jump around the room looking for the nearest baby wipe to help soothe your eyes because they’re watering so much they are comparable to Niagara Falls (Imagine that…).

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Millefeuille with Jamie Magazine*

Being a trainee pastry chef, I love experimenting at home and when offered me the opportunity to try Jamie magazine I jumped at it. Since I can remember Jamie Oliver has been one of my favorite chefs, and I would love to meet him, I’ve watched all of his TV shows and even bought some of his cookbooks (Jamie at home is my fave!).
When I saw this recipe for a Millefeuille I fancied making it as it looked like a challenge and who doesn’t like a challenge now and then? (I do!)

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