Dry, Damaged hair essentials

So, I’ve recently went through the very damaging process of going from red box dye to bleach blonde. The whole process involved two full head bleaches, one toner, putting directions dye on that required a bleach bath to remove (Flamingo Pink) and then another tone.. The whole process damaged my hair and although it isn’t the worst its ever been it’s still pretty damaged and dried out.

I have however found some products that have helped with the condition and made my hair way more manageable and less frizzy.

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NSPA Hot Cloth Polish

Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger, yet I’m not super old either but as I’m nearing 22 next month (May 8th) I promised myself I would take care of my skin more, look after it and nurture it as much as possible, it’s the only skin I’ll ever have.

One of the steps I’ve taken is to actually cleanse my skin twice a day, removing all the dirt and oils from sleep and before bed removing all my makeup/dirt from the day – something I used to skip therefore waking up the next day with panda eyes, not a good look.

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Primark P.S Love Top Coat

So, I was in Primark the other day and noticed they had brought out some different beauty items (I already own lipsticks, eyeshadows etc) and I figured I’d give some a go. I picked up two top coats, one is a Gel Effect top coat and one is a Matte top coat, I thought I’d share my thoughts on them with you!

At a bargain price of £1 each, you can’t really go wrong as they do work as top coat. As for lasting power, I tend to pick my nail varnish off a lot so I can’t comment on if it’s made it long wearing or anything.

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