2016 Goals – Life & Blogging

So I didn’t want to set myself any resolutions or goals but I think it’s always good to have something to aim for, and I thought I’d share my goals and things I hope to have achieved by the end of 2016!

Stop worrying so much
I worry about everything, nonstop. I even worry about things that haven’t happened and probably won’t happen, I worry about something happening, and sometimes I don’t even know what that something is and this year I want to try to relax more to stop stressing over every little thing and just take each day, even each hour, as it comes.

Take more time out
I don’t have a particularly busy schedule nowadays, just the usual housework & college once a week, but I never take time out for myself and have a pamper session, whether that’s a full on hour or two a week or just something as simple as putting on a face mask, climbing into the bath and listening to music for a little bit. This year I just need to look after myself more and take the time out to relax.

Drink more water
Now this is everyone’s typical new year’s resolution/goal, but I do need to try to drink more water, I’ve noticed lately I haven’t been drinking much at all and my skin is drier than ever, I look more tired, and I just feel dehydrated.

Get s*** done
This is a very. Open goal. It just means instead of putting things off like I usually do, I need to get them done. I tend to leave my coursework til last minute, forget to book appointments because I leave it too long, and the thought leaves my mind. I just need to get s*** done!

Get me into a sleeping routine
I’ve never been the best at getting to sleep at a reasonable time and then waking up at a reasonable time, I tend to go to sleep at 2-4 AM and then wake up at 2-4 PM which is no good at all, so I want to be able to go to sleep at midnight at the latest and get up at 8 am which is much more reasonable! Then maybe I won’t be tired all the time.

Spend more time with friends and family
I tend to stay hidden away in my office and not leave the house much to see friends or family, and since I’ve moved out of my family home I see my family even less! I need to make more of an effort to see friends at least once a week and the same with my family; life is too short to hide away with a laptop and Netflix for company.

Now onto the blog resolutions.

Stop comparing myself & my blog
I love blogging, I do. It’s really relaxing and takes my mind off stuff, and I really want to do it more but I end up comparing myself to other bloggers or the other blogs around and thinking mine isn’t any good (I still think that now, as I’m typing this!) I need to stop doing that as everyone’s blog is unique, and everyone is different, so everyone has different writing styles, photography styles and different interests in what they like to read.

Blog regularly
That is pretty self-explanatory; I just want to get into more of a blogging routine and now that I’ve started my ‘Sample Spotlight’ series I’m hoping to get a post up every Monday which is going well so far! Thinking of ideas for posts is hard but I still have plenty of ideas, for now, I just hope I can think of more before I run out of these ideas!

Blog passionately
Again this goes into the comparing myself goal, I don’t want to blog like everyone else does, of course someone will have done similar posts to me, it’s a given, but I’d rather post about things I’m passionate about, and then I feel like I can be more realistic and stay honest about my views on a certain topic.

So, these are my goals/resolutions for 2016, do you have any? If so let me know what they are!

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