Moving Home Series: Top 5 Packing Tips

One of the main reasons I’ve been really inactive with the blog the past month or so is because we’re moving!

We’ve been looking for a new house for a few months and we have finally got one, we will be getting the keys within the next two weeks which is plenty of time for Baby R to arrive too, so we can hopefully get his nursery set up which I will be doing a blog post on (if everything goes to plan!)

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Pregnancy Tag

Long time no post, I’ll do an update post shortly with everything that’s been going on, busy times!

To get back into the swing of things, I figured I’d do a tag since I love reading tag posts or watching tag videos as I’m a super nosy person, so here is the Pregnancy Tag! I found this on YouTube since I’ve been watching a lot of pregnancy related videos lately, I got the questions from Rhiannon Ashlee’s Video Here.

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