Pregnancy Tag

Long time no post, I’ll do an update post shortly with everything that’s been going on, busy times!

To get back into the swing of things, I figured I’d do a tag since I love reading tag posts or watching tag videos as I’m a super nosy person, so here is the Pregnancy Tag! I found this on YouTube since I’ve been watching a lot of pregnancy related videos lately, I got the questions from Rhiannon Ashlee’s Video Here.

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First Trimester Update!

Time flies! I’m officially out of my first trimester and into my second, feels great to be able to relax more about the pregnancy and also share more info with you all! I’ll start from the beginning…

Me and my FiancΓ© had been trying for a baby since 1st of June as I had my implant removed, so as the months passed, my period came and I was starting to realise it may be trickier than I first thought, you always get warned “Oh don’t even look at a boy you’ll get pregnant!” and for some people, the first time is the time they fall pregnant but for others it can take months.

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