Slimming World – Week 6

This week was week 6 of Slimming World; not much happened this week, so I was on plan for most of it.

I lost 2 lbs this week meaning a total weight loss of 16lbs which is awesome; I was happy to lose anything as I had a fairly busy “foodie” weekend.

I ended up baking 60 cupcakes on Saturday for a christening, and there was a few cut offs that ended up making their way into my mouth (lemon drizzle, how could I resist you!).

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Slimming World – Week 5

So I re-joined Slimming World for the third time on the 3rd August 2016 and since I’ve relaunched my blog I figured it would be a good weekly feature to talk about my weigh in, any tips I have and what happened this week in case any of you are also doing Slimming World.

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#SmearForSmear – My experience so far

Now, let me start this post by saying I’m not a doctor (obviously) and I may have some things incorrect here, but I’m just going off my personal experience which will most likely be different to the next person.

Also. WARNING MAY BE RATHER PERSONAL AND MAY BE A BIT TOO MUCH INFO FOR SOME PEOPLE TO READ and it will be a LONG post, so grab a cuppa and read ahead if you’re interested.

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