Millefeuille with Jamie Magazine*

Being a trainee pastry chef, I love experimenting at home and when offered me the opportunity to try Jamie magazine I jumped at it. Since I can remember Jamie Oliver has been one of my favorite chefs, and I would love to meet him, I’ve watched all of his TV shows and even bought some of his cookbooks (Jamie at home is my fave!).
When I saw this recipe for a Millefeuille I fancied making it as it looked like a challenge and who doesn’t like a challenge now and then? (I do!)

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FABB Events – #FabbHoFMbro

So, after a short long break from blogging due to finishing college and having deadlines, I am now back! College is done and dusted (apart from a few last lessons) so now I can relax until University in September! (eek!).

I attended an event in House of Fraser in Middlesbrough thanks to the lovely ladies at @FabbEvents for inviting me along and I thought I’d blog my experience as well as sharing some photos from the night!

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