Ciaté – Mint Choc Pot Remover

While in TK Maxx I spotted this Ciaté nail varnish remover pot for £2.99, I needed some nail varnish remover anyway so I figured Ciaté is a brand I trust anyway so it might be good.

Upon further inspection, I noticed it said it was mint chocolate scented, again Ciaté killing it with the scented nail products lately! So I was even more excited about using it, as I hate the smell of normal nail varnish remover or acetone, it’s way too overpowering.

After a quick browse on the Ciaté website, I noticed they do different scents (flavours?) they also do Dark Chocolate, Orange Chocolate and White Chocolate HERE for £6.00, the orange chocolate one sounds divine.

Ciaté claim that the formula is ‘non-drying, acetone free and enriched with intensely hydrating Marula Oil, Vitamins B5 & E, to condition and care for nails whilst indulging in your sweet tooth with its sugary cocoa scent’

How could you not want to try all of these?!

When I bought this I was wearing Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in 310 Wild Child, topped with Seche Vite, so I figured this combo was a really good one to test out the Mint Choc pot.



When I opened the lid, I was greeted with the usual nail varnish remover scent, no hint of chocolate or mint at all but I just carried on, hoping some scent would maybe be left on my fingers rather than the usual chemical smell left over off nail varnish.

I swished my nails around, one at a time for about 30-60 seconds each and it had really made progress in removing the nail strips, only a little bit remained on a few nails so another quick swipe and all of the strips were fully removed.


The one thing I do have to say about the Ciaté Choc Pot is I felt like there could’ve been more nail varnish remover in there as it didn’t feel saturated enough, which could’ve possibly sped up the removal process, other than that it was fast considering I did have the nail polish strips on, which are usually hard to remove using a normal nail varnish remover.

Once I’d done all of my nails and they had chance to dry off a little, I gave them a sniff and there it was, mint chocolate, a true mint chocolate scent, almost ice-cream like and good enough to eat, it wasn’t too strong though which was good as I wouldn’t really want the scent to linger all day or anything but as soon as I washed my hands the scent was gone.

It didn’t seem to dry out my nails much, but at the same time, it didn’t leave a moisturising feeling behind so I can’t comment on the whole Marula oil situation.

Overall, I will continue to use this, and I did enjoy the scent, but was I impressed? Not too much.

I think it’s more of a novelty product, yeah the scent is yummy but once you wash your hands it’s gone, the same as any other nail varnish remover! I did enjoy the fact it’s in a little pot with a sponge as it did make it less messy and hassle free to remove my nail varnish, but again, I do think it could’ve used a bit more nail varnish remover.

I probably wouldn’t re-purchase this, not at full price anyway. I am tempted to try the other scents to just give them a whiff but it’s not something I would go on a hunt for.

If you have any recommendations for good nail varnish removers, let me know down below!

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  1. I have something to similar to this and the smell is amazing too, I love the idea of the sponge! haha. I am loving your blog too by the way, Keep up the amazing work.. you should be so proud! x

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