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So, after a short long break from blogging due to finishing college and having deadlines, I am now back! College is done and dusted (apart from a few last lessons) so now I can relax until University in September! (eek!).

I attended an event in House of Fraser in Middlesbrough thanks to the lovely ladies at @FabbEvents for inviting me along and I thought I’d blog my experience as well as sharing some photos from the night!

You’ll have to excuse the shaky images, I was so nervous!

I arrived at 5pm, with my boyfriend (Thanks Paul!) as I didn’t want to come alone, as I suffer with anxiety – badly.
Not long after other bloggers started to arrive, which made me even more nervous as they whipped out their mobile phones to snap some pictures of the evening and I’d only brought my large DSLR so I felt a bit out of place.. but I soon settled down as the lovely Tor explained what the night would entail and told us to pick some appointment cards for demonstrations so that’s exactly what I did..

I first went over to Estee Lauder and had my shade match for their Double Wear foundation by a lovely sales assistant called Kay which was nice! She also applied a full face of makeup on me including moisturiser, serum, foundation, powder and blusher which I thought was nice.

She then began explaining the technology behind their advanced night repair and how it has some barrier properties that keep in the moisture, she demonstrated this by spraying one of my clean hands with water and said ‘look how the water drops off? it’s because your skin isn’t drinking it up properly’ then she applied some of the advanced night repair on my other hand, let it settle for a few seconds and then sprayed water on it – it didn’t drip! I found that so interesting.. so I will be excited to try my little sample of that to see how it works as I have super dry dehydrated skin!

I then went over to the Guerlain counter and spoke to Sharon who explained that Guerlain were the first beauty company to really do bronzers and how they are such a huge hit even though other companies have copied – I had no idea that Guerlain was the original!

I went to the YSL counter to have a look at their new range and they were doing demos of contouring products and bronzing up your skin which is something I’m interested in and something I’m also bad at (I end up looking orange haha!) so the MUA put a full face of foundation on me – using Le Teint Touche Eclat and shade matching me (I’m BR30 if anyone’s interested!) including some bronzing using some of their new limited Les Sahariennes Blur Bronzers to contour with and a darker, warmer shade to bronze up my face with. I really liked the cream to powder formula as I dislike using powder products (I’m pretty afraid of them with having dry skin… but that’s another story!)
I then ended up forgetting to take photos as I was having so much fun!

I went to the Dior counter to learn about their new Diorshow as they’ve reformulated it and it now has a slightly different formula and an air-lock wiper which prevents the formula being in contact with the air (not sure if that’s new or old?! never tried Dior mascara)

Last place I went was Benefit and I spoke to a lovely MUA who did my eyes and brows for me, using some of the stay don’t stray primers, cream shadows and the new Roller Lash mascara which is fab (next purchase I think.)

As she was doing my brows, more people came over and started watching her doing them as everyone was saying it made such a difference (I stupidly didn’t take a photo but I have a review coming up shortly so you will see it in action!) so I gave into the peer pressure and bought Brow Zings in dark, yes.. Dark.. for a natural blondie, dark products are a nono (in my opinion) but having darker hair now I figured I needed to darken my brows and I’m so glad I did.

This event was fab and I can’t wait to go to more in the future, it was a learning experience as I got loads of tips and tricks including how to contour properly, do my brows, best types of products for my skin type etc.. so hopefully my makeup will look that little bit better in future. It was also nice to meet some other bloggers from the North East as I personally don’t hear of many bloggers from NE England, normally just in/around London.. so that was a change!

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