First Trimester Update!

Time flies! I’m officially out of my first trimester and into my second, feels great to be able to relax more about the pregnancy and also share more info with you all! I’ll start from the beginning…

Me and my Fiancé had been trying for a baby since 1st of June as I had my implant removed, so as the months passed, my period came and I was starting to realise it may be trickier than I first thought, you always get warned “Oh don’t even look at a boy you’ll get pregnant!” and for some people, the first time is the time they fall pregnant but for others it can take months.

I was originally worried that my previous cervical procedures (I wrote about them here) would be a problem and maybe that would cause it to take us years, maybe my cervix really was damaged by the treatment I had, the nurse told me it could cause issues but I didn’t think it would! (It turns out it was more likely just the hormones from years of birth control causing it to take more than a couple of months)

So, fast forward to November.. I was stood in my mums kitchen, talking to my mum and my fiancé saying I really didn’t feel right, I felt like something was off but I couldn’t pin point it, I was more tired than usual and I’m a tired person anyway so it didn’t seem odd to them, but to me..

The evening of 11th November, I’d been sat at the computer watching netflix or playing a game I can’t remember.. my fiancé, sat next to me on his computer playing Skyrim, I’d offered to go cook dinner so off I headed, I needed to use the bathroom before I started cooking so I figured.. ‘Hmm I’m due my period in 3-4 days so it’s probably too early to test but what the hell’ so I was already expecting yet another negative pregnancy test, as I’d had plenty in months previous..

So I’d done my business, washed my hands and went to gather things for dinner, remembered I had the test there sat in the bathroom hidden in it’s wrapper so I thought ‘Oops, I better go throw that out’ but I had a peek, as anyone would… and there it was.

A positive test.

I was shaking, I couldn’t believe it was real, no way was that real? It was a cheap test off amazon that you can buy in bulk probably had no sensitivity and didn’t work.. so I shouted upstairs for my fiancé and said.. ‘Can you pause your game a second please’? to which he replied ‘Yeah sure give me one second to finish something’ and I just said ‘Well.. you’ve got 9 months to finish what you’re doing’..

He looked at me and said ‘What? Have you just? You’re pregnant?!’ and I burst into tears and handed him the test (sorry Paul, I realise that was probably gross haha).

I’d had this huge plan for months, to find out I was pregnant while he was out shopping or something and have a cutesy way of announcing it when he returned home.. ohh no that went out of the window! I just couldn’t help it.

Now.. I’m 15 weeks pregnant, we’ve had a few bumps along the way which I might blog about if anyone is interested, early scans, pains etc.

But now onto the bit you’re all wanting to know, symptoms!

The only symptoms I’ve had through my first trimester are:

    Increased Appetite
    Urinating more often..

& That’s it.

no morning sickness at all, I was shocked I honestly expected to be throwing up all the time, feeling sick, not being able to eat etc, but nope! fine! Now when I’d hit 12 weeks that was another story.. lots more going on.. but that’s for my next update!

I went to my 12 week scan on the 11th January, I should’ve been 12+5 but I measured 12+3 which is totally fine, so my due date is the 23rd July! Exciting. We have a private gender scan booked for 18th Feb at Window to the Womb in Darlington so I will probably blog about my experience there and I’ll also do a gender reveal post before (just so I don’t spoil it in the scan post!)

I’ve never really been pregnant before so never done pregnancy updates so I’m not really sure what you’d all like to hear, If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to tweet me, email me or just comment below!

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