Nobody likes you when you’re 23 | Birthday Haul

So, it was my birthday on the 8th of May (I turned 23!) and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for my birthday.
In the end, I decided to have a shopping trip to the Intu Metrocentre Gateshead and check out the new Nyx counter at Boots which luckily, opened the day I decided to visit which was awesome.

I just thought I’d share with you the things I bought while I was there, I will be reviewing most of these products so stay tuned!

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#SmearForSmear – My experience so far

Now, let me start this post by saying I’m not a doctor (obviously) and I may have some things incorrect here, but I’m just going off my personal experience which will most likely be different to the next person.

Also. WARNING MAY BE RATHER PERSONAL AND MAY BE A BIT TOO MUCH INFO FOR SOME PEOPLE TO READ and it will be a LONG post, so grab a cuppa and read ahead if you’re interested.

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