Poundland’s New Baby Shower Range

I’m having a Baby Shower on the 24th of June and I was struggling to find affordable decorations and games for the shower, I could’ve ordered online but I didn’t want to risk things not arriving on time.

While in Poundland last week I noticed they had a new range of Baby Shower decorations and I picked up some things that I needed and I thought I’d share them with you all.

If you’re having a baby shower I’d definitely recommend checking some of the things out!

I mainly went in for decorations and this was what I bought, I didn’t need much as I have got some more banners from elsewhere so I only picked up a few things. One of those things was a metal plaque with a rope to hang it with that says “Welcome to my Baby Shower” which I thought would’ve been cute to put on the living room door since that’s where we will all be sitting!

Another item was a Flag Bunting/Banner set with 10 flags plus the chalk to write on, I thought this would be good to have on the fireplace with “It’s A Boy” written on it, the banners are just black card, not actual chalkboard material but it’s still good for Β£1.

The third decoration was just a pack of two banners that say “Baby Shower” on them, I just wanted them to stick on the front door so people know which house to come to since I’ve just recently moved, plus it will look nice as a decoration.

Now onto the games! I haven’t really played Baby Shower games before so I didn’t really know what to do, so finding these at Poundland really helped me get an idea of what to do. I don’t know if they have any more but I picked up all that my local store had which was a Pin the Dummy on the baby, Spin the bottle, Tummy measuring tape and I also picked up some Photo Booth props in case people want to take photos.

The games aren’t anything special but they will be fun to do and some of the spin the bottle things are quite fun like acting like a baby, sing the theme to a children’s TV show etc so hopefully it will get us all socialising and giggling away.

I really like the Pin the Dummy on the baby game, it comes with the baby poster, an eye mask plus 8 dummy stickers, in reality I should’ve bought more than one pack since I’m expecting about 10 guests but I don’t think everyone will want to play anyway as I do have some older relatives coming.

I would’ve preferred it if the games were for 10-12 people since I think that is the average number for a gathering like this, but again, can’t really complain for Β£1!

Now onto the random things I purchased. I seen they had cups, plates and napkins there that match the rest of the things but I already had all of those things so I didn’t bother. I did however purchase the Cupcake kit, which has 24 cupcake liners and 24 decorations in it as I will be baking 24 cupcakes! So I can’t argue with that at all, definitely cute.

I also purchased a set of the paper straws with decorations on since I thought they were super cute plus you got 20 for Β£1 and I thought that was a bargain for decorative straws.

Now onto my favourite purchases..

These mugs! I absolutely love these mugs, I seen these online and I’ve been hunting for them ever since! They only have two (that I’m aware of) one is rather Americanised as it says “#Mom Life” and the other says “Super Mum Fuel”. I really like the design of these plus the colours inside and on the handle, just make these really stylish.

I didn’t notice online that they also have a little Dummy or Foot inside at the top which I thought was such a nice touch and let’s be real, I’m due to give birth next month and I’m sure when he’s here I’ll need all the coffee I can get.

So, that’s all of the things I purchased from Poundland, I was really impressed with the quality of the items and I’ll definitely be checking out any of the other ranges they bring out since it seems they have really stepped up their game.

Have you spotted any bargains lately? Let me know!

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