Primark P.S Love Top Coat

So, I was in Primark the other day and noticed they had brought out some different beauty items (I already own lipsticks, eyeshadows etc) and I figured I’d give some a go. I picked up two top coats, one is a Gel Effect top coat and one is a Matte top coat, I thought I’d share my thoughts on them with you!

At a bargain price of Β£1 each, you can’t really go wrong as they do work as top coat. As for lasting power, I tend to pick my nail varnish off a lot so I can’t comment on if it’s made it long wearing or anything.

I used Seventeen’s ‘Knockout Red’ as a base coat, above is what it looks like without any top coat on at all.

This is the Gel Effect top coat, as you can see it does add a shine and gelly effect to it, similar to the Barry M gelly hi-shines and also shellac polish. I do like the effect and it’s really good for the price! It dried in a decent amount of time and didn’t shrink my base coat down like my Seche Vite does sometimes which was a bonus.

This is the Matte top coat and I’m not so impressed with this, it isn’t fully matte and it still has a sheen to it which I don’t want in a matte top coat or nail varnish. The drying time was also ridiculous it took ages to dry that I ended up smudging it by accident and just removing everything.

Overall, I’d recommend the Gel Effect top coat but I wouldn’t recommend the Matte – but for Β£1 it was worth a try so maybe give it a try for yourself to see what you think! The Primark P.S Love line is quite impressive for the price, I have some other products I’m testing out so I’ll let you know how I feel about them in the future!

Have you got any products you’d like me to review? Leave your suggestions on a postcard, or down in the comments… either works.

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