Project Vanity – Blush and Bronzers

Welcome to my new series, Project Vanity.

In this series I’m going to be sorting through all my beauty products that are stored in my vanity table as they get neglected and I rarely use the products stashed away in there, I’ll be throwing out old products and giving away the decent, barely unused ones to family.

I store all of my makeup in old birchboxes, since I still haven’t found any affordable, appropriate sized containers for my drawer! I may have to place a muji order…



So, to organise this box of Blush, Bronzers and the odd randomly placed concealers (see what I mean about this drawer being neglected!), I went through the products deciding what I liked, what I didn’t like, Would I use it again? And also the age of the product.

These are the products I decided to discard.

From top to bottom:
MUA Bronzer – Shade 1.
For Ā£1 it was worth a try but way too shimmery and dark for me and at the time when I bought it, this was the lightest shade! I don’t know if they’ve brought out any different shades or have a matte one now, but this one just wasn’t good at all.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge pencil in light/pale.
I do have the actual tube of Glamoflauge somewhere, but I didn’t like either, it did cover things well, but it was way too thick and cakey to look remotely natural. This is also a few years old; I think I bought it to review on my old blog years ago when I was still in college, so I would’ve only been about 17, Oh and it was also quite orange toned, not a good look.

Vital Radiance Soft Dimension Powder Blush in 08 Mocha Radiance.
This blush is so so old I have no idea how old it is, one of my first blush/bronzer/highlighter type things I ever used, didn’t like it then, and I know I wouldn’t like it now.

Make-Up Gallery hide and chic concealer stick in Ivory 1.
Ā£1 shop concealer, still available to buy now I think this is only a few months old, but I just didn’t like it, too thick and once blended out it faded to nothing, so it wasn’t good at concealing, especially under the eyes as it made my under eyes look cakey and patchy! It also had a weird smell sort of like crayons and chemicals mixed, not sure if it’s the same for every concealer but mine smelled funny!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch (unknown shade).
I couldn’t test this one out too much, as my mum bought it for me online and didn’t realise that the shade was so dark since it looked lighter in the photos. I would consider buying this in a lighter shade to try as it’s meant to be a highlighting concealer and hey, anything is worth trying to get rid of these dark circles!

Rimmel blush/bronzer duo in 014 Winter Glow, blush singles in 004 Pink Rose and 001 Santa Rose.
The Rimmel blushes were about six years old (gross!), and I just didn’t enjoy using them when I did use them years ago, so those have gone in the bin. Nothing else to say about these!

The only product I decided to keep was a mini dandelion blush from benefit, which I got from the Feelin’ Dandy kit a few months back as I love the shade. I ended up taking it out of the box it came in just for storage purposes but now I wish I’d kept the box as it’s just floating around and getting knocked about, I may have to purchase a magnetic palette for my odd blushes/eyeshadows that I have no box or packaging anymore.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post; I enjoyed going through my vanity and sorting through products I never use anymore and having a clean out always makes me feel better. I have a few more posts in this series that will be going up over the next few weeks/months; I’m not sure how often you would like to see them?

Plus, we all know, now I have space for new products, so I just have to buy some more.. ;)

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