Project Vanity – Mascara, Eyeliner & Eyeshadow!

In my second instalment of the Project Vanity series I’m going to be sorting through my Mascara, Eyeliner & Eyeshadows that I have in my vanity at the moment, I do have some other bits laying around in make-up bags & acrylic muji drawers so I’ll sort through them another time.



Starting with Mascaras, I decided to throw all of these out as I can’t even remember the last time I used these, or how old they are! The ones I use are in my make-up bag in the bathroom anyway, so I figured it would just be a waste of space to keep these hanging around.

They were all pretty good mascaras and I would repurchase some of them, the only ones I wouldn’t repurchase are:

Make-Up Gallery – Plump Up the Volume + Never Ending Story – Both Black
I didn’t really like these, but at £1 each (from £1 shop!) they weren’t a financial risk to try them out, I just didn’t feel like they did much and although they are meant to do different things, they both made my lashes look exactly the same, layering them also didn’t do much except create horrible clumpy lashes, no thanks!

Rimmel Sexy Curves – Black
I think I used this once or twice, just didn’t do much for me at all which was a shame, normally Rimmel products are okay, but this one was just a flop for me. Didn’t hold a curl, which with the name I kind of expected it to! Wouldn’t repurchase. I honestly found the Collection Killer Curves to be a much better alternative to the Rimmel one, it’s also cheaper so.. win-win situation there!

Onto the eyeliners..

Starting with the ones I love and would repurchase:

Avon Super Shock Gel Pencil – Black
I can’t even remember how many of these I’ve purchased in the past, It’s got to be more than 15. I used this eyeliner all throughout secondary school, the times when we thought lining a ring around our eyes was attractive… oh boy were we all wrong!
It’s a creamy, gel formula but in pencil form which is so much easier than using a pot and brush! Definitely a one that I love.

Maybelline Master Drama – Black & Brown
Again, these have a creamy, gel like formula just like the Avon Super Shock, easy to use, lasts for hours without smudging, once it’s set it’s pretty much there all day! Would repurchase again, without a doubt.

Now.. The ones that I wouldn’t!

Make-up Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner – Black
I had three of these, the third went in the bin a long time ago, I didn’t even realise I had these two still there. I got given them as stocking fillers but I’m not a massive liquid eyeliner fan, anyway I gave it a go, nope! Still not a liquid eyeliner fan! It was black, don’t get me wrong the pigment was okay, but I just can’t handle liquid eyeliner I feel like it makes my eyes sore and burn! I gave these two un-opened ones away to people who use liquid eyeliner in the hopes they found more use for them than I would.

Models Own – Black Glittery Eyeliner (unsure on shade)
This was a freebie when I went to the bottle shop in the metro centre for my 23rd(I think…?) either way, I tried it and it was chunky glitter and rather hard.. not a fan at all! The other Models Own make-up that I swatched in store seemed fine I just really disliked this, I didn’t dare use it on my eyes because I felt like I’d scratch them out.

Primark Eyeliner – 2x Black Kohl + Kohl Eye Crayon
I found the normal black Kohl pencils to be rather dry and didn’t fancy dragging them across my eyelid, no thanks. The Kohl eye crayon was fab in theory, it was like a lipstick but with a point on the end, but once you’d wore the point down it was harder to use and I didn’t have anything large enough to sharpen it with so I just gave up on it, sorry!

Rimmel Soft Kohl – White
I bought this years ago, back when white eyeliner in your waterline was a thing, I thought it looked strange on me anyway but I’m mainly throwing this away as it’s so so old I’d rather not risk eye infection for using an eyeliner that’s probably 3+ years old! The other colours in the Soft Kohl range are fab, I’ve used the black a few times and had no issues with it!

And the last part, Eyeshadows!

Avon eyeshadow – Brown
I’ve had this for ages but it’s only been swatched so I figured I’d still keep it, it’s a nice shade, deep chocolate brown with slight shimmer to it, not glittery just a nice sheen, great pigment too.

MAC – ‘Follow Your Fantasy’
I got this eyeshadow from when ‘A Tartan Tale’ came out, again I’ve swatched it once but I’m hanging onto it as it’s a limited edition and still perfectly fine to be used! I can’t comment much on it as I’ve only really swatched it but it looks fab when used I just don’t want to mess up the lovely pattern on the top!

MAC – ‘Snow Season (Mineralize)’
I absolutely adore this shade, I got it with one of the MAC Christmas Collections, I can’t remember what year! 3-4 years ago possibly? I still use this all the time and I just can’t bare to part with it, It’s such a gorgeous highlight shade, it even works on your face as a cheek highlight too! Definitely one I can’t throw away!

E.L.F Eyelid Primer
Not technically eyeshadow but it was in this box anyway, I did use this multiple times and I loved it, but it’s old now and dried up so it’s going in the bin. I would probably repurchase this as I think it was only £1-£2? It was definitely worth the money and made my eyeshadows more vibrant.

So – That’s all of my eye makeup decluttered! My larger palettes weren’t in my vanity but I use the ones I have so I wouldn’t throw them out anyway.

I hope you’re enjoying this series and mini-reviews, I’ll be posting a Project Vanity once or twice a month until it’s all decluttered then I may do a make-up collection post, just to show you my storage (once I figure out what I’m going to use!)

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