Sample Spotlight | Rituals Ayurveda Body Scrub

This weeks Sample Spotlight features a body scrub from Rituals and also my first Rituals product ever!

I received a luxury sample size (70ml) of the Rituals Ayurveda Body Scrub (£10.00 here) and the full size is only 150ml so that was awesome.

I said in a previous post I love scrubs, and I’ll say it again – I’m obsessed with using face and body scrubs! So I was looking forward to giving this product a trial run in my skincare routine, especially with the benefits it claims.

rituals-ayurveda-scrub-2Rituals claim that ‘the exfoliating micro beads give your skin a fresh and revitalised look’ and.. I definitely agree with the term ‘micro beads’ as I barely felt this scrubbing the dead skin of my body, it’s so gentle!

I prefer harsher scrubs as I get fair few bumps on the back of my arms, so I like to make sure they are all gone with minimal effort from myself, I just let the scrub do the work. Another thing I noticed about this scrub is the scent; I hate rose scents with a passion but this was eye watering, I don’t know what it was, but it smelled rose-like but also a bit menthol? I just can’t get over the scent at all, not a good one for me.

I so wanted to enjoy this scrub as I’ve heard amazing things about Rituals but due to the scent, I really cannot continue to use this as it was eye watering! Something in it just irritated my sinuses, and I’ve never had that happen to me before with a shower product.

On a positive note, while yes I prefer a harsher scrub it did still work pretty well, and my skin did feel soft after using it and also had a bit of a brighter appearance to it, I think that is due to the Multani Clay? So if you don’t mind strong rose scented products then go ahead, you will probably really enjoy this!

Would I repurchase? No, due to the scent.
I rate this a 2/5 – good scrub, bad scent.

Sorry Rituals!

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