Slimming World – Week 5

So I re-joined Slimming World for the third time on the 3rd August 2016 and since I’ve relaunched my blog I figured it would be a good weekly feature to talk about my weigh in, any tips I have and what happened this week in case any of you are also doing Slimming World.

This week was week five, also marking my first month of Slimming World done (5 weigh-ins in August!) and I was nervous to see what the scales were going to say as I was 2lbs off my stone award (14 lbs). I hadn’t had much appetite this week, so that wasn’t good and I had a feeling it would affect my weight loss, but it didn’t.

I managed to lose 2lbs, which got me my stone award and 14lbs loss in total – I was in shock! One stone in my first month, it was brilliant to see that I managed to achieve something so big in just five weeks.


Now, the best bit, The certificates and stickers (I just love ’em) I got my Bronze Body Magic certificate, my stone award and also managed to get slimmer of the month! So this week’s weigh-in was fab for me.

So even though I didn’t have much of an appetite and didn’t eat much this week I still got a loss, I just made sure to eat speed foods whenever I was eating something and tried to drink plenty of water, and it seems to have worked.

So that’s my tip for you if you find you’re too busy to eat, or just don’t have an appetite, try to focus on eating speed foods whenever you are eating something, and it should help.

In group I was speaking to another member, and she suggested two quick and easy soup recipes, so I’ll be trying those this week I think! One was a mushy pea soup (it sounds gross, but apparently, it’s nice) It’s just a tin of mushy peas, half a tub of pease pudding, water, and a veggie stock cube. The other soup was the Heinz tomato soup copy, one tin of baked beans, two tins of tomatoes, one large (or 2 small) pickled onions, one tin of carrots and 1/2 pint of veggie stock; you just blend it all up and heat. I love Heinz tomato soup, so excited to try this, but the thought of blended up baked beans just sounds odd to me.

Do you have any favorite recipes or tips? Share them below!

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