Slimming World – Week 6

This week was week 6 of Slimming World; not much happened this week, so I was on plan for most of it.

I lost 2 lbs this week meaning a total weight loss of 16lbs which is awesome; I was happy to lose anything as I had a fairly busy “foodie” weekend.

I ended up baking 60 cupcakes on Saturday for a christening, and there was a few cut offs that ended up making their way into my mouth (lemon drizzle, how could I resist you!).

Sunday, the day of the Christening, I ended up having a little nibble at some buffet food but I tried to make healthier choices by staying away from pastries, white bread, the cakes I made and just trying to stay away from anything that looked unhealthy, I ended up having a few sandwiches made with brown bread and a potato/egg slice thing, which was quite yummy as weird as it sounds!

Oh, and on Saturday since I’d been baking all day I ended up having a sneaky trip to the Chinese takeaway and grabbing myself a chow mein and some boiled rice, I just made my usual curry sauce at home (1 syn per tsp of curry powder) to try to minimise any damage.

Apart from the weekend, I was on plan 100% still having my lack of appetite, though.

For the week ahead I’ve started planning my meals a little more and I’m forcing myself to eat more regularly to try to keep my energy up as I’m so tired lately, and I think the lack of appetite has something to do with it.

I’ve been shopping and got some micro steam veg bags, with broccoli, cauliflower and carrot in (all speed food!) and some salmon, so I’ll probably have salmon, rice and veg for my meals as I’m currently addicted to salmon, I could live off the stuff.

If anyone has any tips please share them below or tweet me!

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