The New Hello, Charmmie!

I’m back!

I took a little blogging hiatus while I focused on myself, I was going through a tough time with my mental health and my physical health (which you can read about here) and blogging just wasn’t a priority anymore.

Fast forward to now, I’m in a better place, and I’ve been enjoying revamping the blog, taking lots of photos and planning blog posts in advance, I think I’ve planned two or three months of posts so far which is amazing for me.

So what’s new? I completely changed my blog layout thanks to the wonderful Olsen Light theme by cssigniter.

I also changed my blog header and color scheme to something more me, I just didn’t enjoy the whole black and white blog thing, it doesn’t really suit me as a person.

I’ve also added a Product Directory where you can find any product I’ve ever blogged about organized A-Z by brand name, making things easier for you to find a brand or product without having to search through my whole blog.

And the last thing is I’ve changed the Instagram widget, it’s now underneath all blog posts rather than being in the sidebar, just to make things less cluttered.

Now.. posts.

I’m aiming to do two to three blog posts a week, one being my Slimming World update as I’ve recently started so I’ll publish that every Thursday, letting you know my weigh in, some tips and tricks and maybe even a recipe or meal of the week.

Apart from that not much else has changed, I do hope you like the new changes and if you have any suggestions feel free to Tweet me or comment below.

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