Top five ways to relax

As I said in my New Years Goals post, I was going to take more time out to relax and have a mini pamper session once or twice a week, and I thought I’d share my top five ways to relax with you guys!

1. Have a warm bath
I love baths. I missed having a bath while I lived at home with my parents (they have a wet room as my mum is disabled) but since I’ve moved out, I’ve been taking advantage of having a bath again. Grab all your favourite products, bubble bath, bubble bar or bath bomb, body washes and scrubs maybe even a face mask and treat yo’ self!

2. Listen to some music
I love soundcloud for discovering new music, you can follow me here if you want to listen to some of the songs I have saved, I prefer EDM/Dubstep so it might not be to your taste!

3. Watch Netflix
Watch something you’ve never seen on Netflix, find something new, or just watch your favourite feel good show. Some of my favourites are Pretty Little Liars, Archer, Chuck & Making a Murderer (Let’s face it, everyone and their dog are obsessed with MaM!).

4. Write something
Whether you’re a blogger or not, just write something, could be a blog post or just get all of the thoughts out of your head onto paper to clear your mind! It’s relaxing.

5. Adult colouring books
Yeah, these are awesome. I have one that I absolutely love as it’s a colouring book and a hide-and-seek challenge too, it’s called Animorphia by Kerby Rosanes (you can purchase it here!), The illustrations are gorgeous, it’s quirky, and I love the search challenge too I haven’t seen that in any other colouring books before.

Do you have any tips for relaxing? If so tweet me and let me know!

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