Where Have I Been? Huge Life Updates!

Well.. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve checked back on the blog and there are a few things that have gone on since I’ve updated last!

I’m just going to jump right into all of the updates and include lots of exciting news and pictures!

1. My boyfriend proposed to me on the 30th October.

So! Totally unexpected, but I’m now engaged! Apparently, Paul (The Fiancé!) had been planning a huge romantic proposal with my mum for a few months but just scrapped it at the last minute because the time just felt right, I was in shock when he asked me, I burst into tears, laughed and said you’re joking aren’t you? Because Paul is such a joker I really didn’t believe it, of course, I said yes!

2. We found out I was pregnant on the 11th of November (We had been trying for 6 months)!
At the time of writing this post, I am 12 weeks 3 days pregnant! (well, from my last period I am, but from the 9-week scan we had, I’m 12 weeks pregnant on the dot!)

Finding out I was pregnant just made our year, to be honest, it just seemed the right time and I believe in things happening when they are meant to and sure enough, once we’d relaxed trying to conceive a little and were still elated after getting engaged, I fell pregnant!

There have been some issues with the pregnancy so far though which I will probably update you all in a ‘First Trimester’ update closer to 12 weeks, nothing too serious, just a few scares.

I’ve had a couple of scans due to the scares we’ve had so here’s our little one at 9 weeks and 1 day! (9 weeks 4 days from last period – the sonographer said the dates will be off by a few days until my 12 week scan as that’s the most accurate dating scan) It was amazing to see a strong heartbeat and Jellybean (our nickname!) even wriggled about a little for us, it was magical.

I’ll probably do a pregnancy update after my 12 week scan which is the 11th January, so tomorrow! I’m still in shock that I’m over 12 weeks pregnant!

3. Because of #2, I am changing Hello, Charmmie a little this year!

As I said above, because of the pregnancy news.. I will be changing Hello, Charmmie a little and I will probably have a mummy/beauty blog as I really want to blog the pregnancy and all of the milestones so that we have something to look back on, as well as being able to offer advice or just being there for people in similar situations.

I won’t be doing a lot of mummy posts yet as I only really have a first-trimester update to do mid-January but I will probably do a blog post explaining the scares with the pregnancy we had earlier on this month.

I hope you’ve all been well, it’s good to be back! Happy New Year!

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